NASA shared a horrifically red world map highlighting the heatwave conditions

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Heatwaves and extremely high temperatures are wreaking havoc on the planet. Extreme weather warnings are now being issued by NASA for huge portions of Asia, Africa, and Europe due to the circumstances, which have reached such extremes. NASA posted an Earth map of these three continents on Twitter, emphasising the sweltering ground temperatures in certain areas. Surprisingly, the majority of the Earth’s areas showed high temperatures that the human race was enduring. Unprecedented temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius are frighteningly being recorded in nations like England. South-west London’s Heathrow airport registered 40.2 degrees Celsius.

According to NASA, greenhouse gases that have been building as a result of human activity are a significant contributing element to severe meteorological conditions. The necessity for action to prevent the extreme weather occurrences from getting worse was also emphasised by NASA.

NASA shared a picture of the Earth’s map on Twitter yesterday, July 19. It read, “On July 13, 2022, Earth satellites captured temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) due to extreme, record-breaking heat waves across much of Europe, Africa, and Asia”.

The map was nearly completely covered in orange-red colours, which indicated a high temperature, in the photograph. The map also showed locations with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, including Ahvaz, Iran (46.5 degrees), Seville, Spain (42.2 degrees), and Shanghai, China (376 degrees). High temperatures in several of these places are smashing records.

It’s interesting that the NASA post was published at the same time as one of the UK’s worst heatwaves in years. While there is a distinct pattern of an “atmospheric wave” with alternating warm (redder) and cool (bluer) values in different locations, Stephen Pawson, chief of the Global Modelling and Assimilation Office at NASA, commented on these extreme weather conditions, “this large area of extreme (and record-breaking) heat is another clear indicator that emissions of greenhouse gases by human activity are causing weather extremes that impact our living conditions”

NASA also claims that the heatwave is costing both money and lives. The heatwaves have fanned flames that have burned through Portugal, Spain, and portions of France while Western Europe suffers from a severe drought. A portion of the Marmolada Glacier in the Dolomites in Italy has been destroyed due to the heat. This summer, China has also seen three heatwaves, which have caused melted asphalt, burst off roof tiles, and crumbled roadways.