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NASA sent its ‘Parker Solar Probe’ to the sun, know what will happen in the mission.

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Washington, The American space agency NASA has left its first mission ‘Parker Solar probe’ on the sun. The size of a carriage will pass through the distance of approximately 40 million miles of the sun surface. Before that any spacecraft did not face such heat and so much light. The objective of this mission is to know how energy and heat constitute a circle around the sun.

rocket will travel around 7 round
Prior to this, Parker had to launch Solar Probes on Saturday but due to technical shortcomings, he had postponed the launch. This vehicle was dispatched through the Delta-4 rocket from the launch site in Cape Canaveral. This vehicle will circumambulate 7 suns in the next 7 years. The average distance between earth and sun is 90 million 30 million miles. This mission will conduct a detailed study of the Sun’s atmosphere which is called corona.

Mission worth 1.5 billion dollars

The purpose of sending this spacecraft is to understand the surroundings of the Sun, its nature and its functioning. This mission will try to know the atmosphere of the sun for 7 years. NASA spent 103 billion rupees on this project. This vehicle is 9 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 612 kg.

This rocket will have 500 times more radiation than the Earth.
This vehicle has been protected from a very powerful heat shield so that it can catch the heat near the sun and can catch 500 times more radiation than the Earth. This carbon shield is 11.43 centimeter thick. The vehicle was launched on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in the US time.

This mission is named after American astronomer
This mission is named after American solar astronomer Eugene Parker. Parker had speculated for the first time in 1958 that solar winds are there. When this mission passes near the Sun, then the temperature will be up to 2500 degree Celsius. According to NASA, if everything was okay, the temperature inside the rocket would be up to 85 degrees Celsius. This vehicle will pass 24 times from Sun’s atmosphere Corona.

Along with this rocket, the names of nearly 11 lakh people will also reach the sun. In March this year, NASA had asked people to become part of their historic mission. According to NASA, till May, about 11 lakh 37 thousand 202 names were received, which were sent along with the vehicle through the memory card.

The first rocket to move closer to the sun was Helios 2
Earlier, the Helios 2 rocket had been closest to the sun. In 1976, this Rocket was about 430 million kilometers near Sun.