NASA selected mission to be sent to comet, Titan in 2020

NASA selected mission to be sent to comet, Titan in 2020.

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Washington: Space Agency NASA has selected two final concepts for a robotic mission to be sent in the middle of the year 2020. Samples will be brought from a comet under it and a drone-like rotorcraft will be sent there to explore the possibility of life on the planet’s largest moon Titan. After the detailed and competitive review process, NASA announced these failures which have been selected from the 12 proposals which were submitted under the announcement of the New Frontiers Program in April. Thomas Jürbuchen of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington said, “This is a major step towards developing our next mission for science exploration.”

He said, “It makes the path for those discoveries that can answer some of the big questions present in our solar system.” Caesar (Comet Astrophological Exploration Sample Returns) Mission Receives a sample from the comet’s nucleus and its history and emergence address Will apply.