NASA is concerned because five asteroids are heading towards the Earth

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The asteroid has prompted NASA to issue a warning. According to NASA, five asteroids or asteroids will pass very close to the Earth this month, in January 2022. These asteroids are rapidly approaching the Earth. NASA is concerned that these asteroids, fast approaching the Earth, have dangerous potential (Potentially Hazardous). These five asteroids will pass close to Earth this month is cause for concern. In the first week of January, one of these steroids will touch the Earth. It’s the same size as the other.

Large rocks found in the Sun’s orbit are known as asteroids and comets. It continues to revolve around the Sun. However, due to gravity, it occasionally bounces off the orbit of the Sun and begins to approach the Earth. Most asteroids and comets burn up as soon as they enter Earth’s orbit, if not more shortly.

Asteroids collide with the Earth on occasion. Throughout history, there have been numerous instances when asteroids have caused damage to the world. Although there is no chance of asteroids colliding with Earth this month, NASA believes it is still a cause for concern.

These asteroids will pass near the Earth in January itself

Asteroid 2021 YK is 12 meters broad and passed Earth at a distance of 1.18 million miles on January 2.

The 2014 YE 15 has a length of 24 feet. On January 6, it will pass 74 lakh kilometers away from Earth.

This is the tiniest asteroid. It is only 4 meters long. On January 7, it will pass one million miles away from Earth.
On January 11, it will pass 34 lakh miles distant from Earth, making it the enormous asteroid ever discovered. This asteroid is 104 meters long, according to NASA. It is, therefore, more significant than Big Ban. According to the article, NASA has classified an asteroid traveling 120 million miles from Earth as a Near-Earth Object. NASA has been keeping an eye on asteroid 2013 YD48 for several years. Although there is no risk from it, NASA says that it might be a cause for concern if it travels close to Earth.

On January 18, this asteroid will come close to Earth. This asteroid is also rather massive. It is two and a half times the size of the Empire State of the United States of America.

Is the Earth in danger?
The present asteroid has been classified as a possible danger by NASA. Although it will not collide with the Earth, even a tiny shift in its speed or speed can endanger the planet. Asteroids go a considerable way in space. Every day, scientists track hundreds of pebbles and asteroids in orbit. Scientists are gathering data on which asteroid is the most dangerous. Although asteroids traveling close to the planet is a regular occurrence, when a vast asteroid travels close to the Earth, it is the reason for alarm.