NASA: Human landing on the Moon has been postponed! Why is this so?

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The moon landing has been postponed until 2025 by NASA! Originally planned to return man to the Moon in 2024, the program has been delayed until 2025. The Artemis initiative, which was started by the Trump administration, involves SpaceX and NASA-designed spacecraft. This time, NASA intends to send the first woman and people of colour to the Moon.

The delay, according to NASA, is due to several circumstances, the most significant of which is a recent flurry of lawsuits concerning the lunar lander. The COVID-19 pandemic and a few other NASA projects have all contributed to the postponement.

NASA’s Moon landing has been postponed
The upcoming lunar missions will oversee the use of advanced and complicated spacecraft to safely land humans on the Moon. The SLS vehicle, or Space Launch System rocket, is used in the Artemis project. NASA has been working on this powerful rocket for more than a decade. Despite being scheduled to launch in 2017, the SLS rocket will launch in February 2022. This time, it will be equipped with the Orion capsule. It can transport crew members into deep space and close to the Moon.

Then there’s the Starship lander, which was developed by SpaceX. The upcoming Artemis test flight, dubbed Artemis I, will put these vehicles to the test. This mission will transport the Orion capsule to the Moon without a crew. Once this mission is deemed successful, the Artemis II mission will make the same voyage but with a crew on board. On the other hand, Artemis II will launch in May 2024, which is still a long time away.

The crewed flights will also require sophisticated space suits, which NASA has not yet developed. SpaceX is constructing Starship prototypes for orbital tests at its Texas launch facility.