Narmada Jayanti

Narmada Jayanti is on February 19, know the origin and importance of the holy river

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Narmada Jayanti is on 19 February 2021. Although Narmada-Jayanti is essential in the entire country, the festival of mother Narmada is located in Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh. This festival holds special significance for the people of Madhya Pradesh. “Narmada-Jayanti” celebration take place with great enthusiasm in the entire state. Especially in the cities and places on Narmadats such as Hoshangabad (Narmadapur), Maheshwar, Amarkantak, Omkareshwar etc.

On this day, worship of mother Narmada starts in the morning. Deepmaalakas are decorated on the Narmada beaches in the evening. Organization of fairs in rural areas and bhajan-kirtan. Readers may not know this but Maa Narmada is the only river in the world for Circumambulation.

Know about the Origin of Maa Narmada in this Narmada Jayanti

The story of the origin of Maa Narmada is there in our scriptures. We find it mentioned in the “Rewakhand” under Skanda Purana. According to the legend, all the gods once prayed to Lord Vishnu for their retirement from their deeds against their religion. Then Lord Vishnu asked Lord Shiva to find a solution. At that time, after killing the demon Andhakasura, he was sitting on Mekal mountain (Amarkantak).

At the request of Lord Vishnu, the ghost fell on the forehead of Lord Shiva with a splendid Somkala on a waterfall. And immediately transformed into a beautiful girl. All the gods started praising her as soon as the girl appeared. Then Lord Shiva gave her the name Narmada. He said that you will not perish in any holocaust and you will be immortal.

Mother Narmada is also known as “Mekalasuta” due to the origin of Lord Shiva from Somkala. Originating from “Somobhadwa” and Mekal mountain (Amarkantak). Her name Reva is also famous due to her fickle impulse. According to sage Vashistha, Narmada had its origin on the day of Magh Shukla Saptami, Ashwini Nakshatra, Mercury Sun, Sunday. Thus, on this day, “Narmada-Jayanti” is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Maa Narmada.

Importance of Maa Narmada-

“Gange Cha Yamune Chaiv Godavari Saraswati, Narmada Sindu Kaveri Jalesmit Sannidhikuru:॥” Maa Narmada is one of the seven holiest rivers. Only by whose philosophy does one get a reward. The word of the scripture is-

“Tribhi: Saraswatam Punya Weeken Tu Yamunam.
Sadya: Punati Ganggeya Darshanadeva Narmada॥ “
That is, the water of Saraswati sanctifies the water of Yamuna in a week, after bathing the Ganges water. But only the sight of the water of Maa Narmada gives a purifying effect. In Kali Yuga, by one sight of the mother Narmada, the elimination of sins of three births is possible. Bathing with water of the Narmada removes the sins of a thousand births.

According to scripture, mother Ganga is more virtuous in Haridwar, mother Saraswati in Kurukshetra, mother Yamuna in Brajkshetra. But mother Narmada is everywhere worshipped. According to the scripture, “sapt kalpakshaye ksheene na mrta ten Narmada”. This means all the seas and rivers are destructive in the Holocaust, but Maa Narmada is undestructive.

Polluting Narmada river is a gross sin

Environment and nature are manifest manifestations of God. Exploiting it and polluting it comes under the category of gross sin. In present times, due to the materialistic mindset, man is polluting the rivers for his personal gain. Exploiting the environment and cutting forests, which are drying up rivers. In our scriptures, if the holy rivers, which is considered to be capable of freedom from sin, are polluted by going to the banks of those holy rivers. Then it comes under the category of gross sin, whose elimination is not possible even in births. One has to suffer from the form.

Washing clothes, urinating in the holy rivers, washing vehicles, draining unholy water, excluding waste, all these falls under the category of sins. The salvation from these sins is not possible even in many births. Those who suffer the consequences of these sins It only happens. Therefore, all devotees should avoid such gross sins. !! Narmada Har !!