In the name of security check, women are being sexually harassed everywhere.

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UK citizen Angel(Changed name) has said that during her Haj in 2010, she had sexual harassment in Mecca.
“A man in the supermarket outside the Mosque al-Haram, touched my hip and then started pressing it.”

She further says, “I could come in. My mother was standing two meters away from me, and my voice was not getting scared.”

Angie says that a guard inside her sister’s al-Haram mosque sexual harassment.

“I screamed about what you are doing, you can not touch my sister like that, the police’s job is to provide security to the people, you are the protector of the mosque al-Haram, he started laughing at me. I was screaming about what you were doing with my sister and he was laughing. ”

Complaint on social media
Angie is not the first woman who has told her experience of sexual harassment at a holy place.

It started with a Pakistani woman who shared her experience through Facebook.

After this, the process of sharing such incidents started. Egyptian-American woman and journalist started the #MosqueMeToo on Twitter. Whose purpose was to inspire other women to tell the story of their sexual harassment.

Muslim women used this hashtag and it was used in tweet 2 thousand times in less than 24 hours.

Muslim women from different countries are sharing incidents of sexual harassment with Hashtag #MosqueMeToo during Haj and other religious visits.

Many women told on Twitter how to try to break their life, tried to touch the wrong way, or somebody tried to rub their life.