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Mysterious places of India; even scientists could not solve the mystery here

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Mysterious places of India: There are many places to visit in India. Many tourist spots are so famous that you will find thousands of people there. But there are some tourist spots in our vast and beautiful country which are renowned for ghost tourism. People come here to see and feel supernatural things.

You must have known about Bhangarh, one of the country’s most critical but strange tourist spots. There are many such places where some secret is hidden. Kamakhya Devi and Mahakal are believed to be the form of the power of such gods, where some miracles are seen.

No scientific reason is understood about the secrets of these places, yet at least those places are famous in folklore because of their secrets. Someplace is considered to be the abode of ghosts, and some have the blessings of the gods. So let us tell you that apart from Bhangarh, five such mysterious places in our country are unique.

Let’s know about such 5 Mysterious places of India

Story of Kuldhara Village and a Curse

Mysterious places of India

Have you heard about Kuldhara village? This village of Rajasthan is very famous. In this village, you will see not only people but empty houses and ruins. It is said that 200 years ago, this village was home to 1500 Paliwal Brahmins. Jaisalmer’s Diwan Salim Singh used to torture the people of this village. He used to collect the desired tax. After this, Salim Singh’s eyes fell on the daughter of the village headman.

Salim Singh threatened to impose a very high tax on the villagers. To save the girl and get out of the fear of Salim Singh, the whole village became empty overnight. However, no one saw 1500 people from the village leaving. It is said that those people cursed this village that no one would be able to settle here. If you ever plan to visit Rajasthan, then you will think about Kuldhara village. This village is just 18 km away from Jaisalmer.

Kodinhi, the village of twins

A village in Kerala, where even science could not solve the mystery. Kodinhi village in Mallapuram district is one where there are more than 200 twins. Yes, there are twins in every other house here. Apart from this, three children are also seen. The government also calls this village ‘Village of Twins’. There is one more strange thing with Kodinhi.

Even if the women here go to get married in another village, they still have twin children. Many scientists have also researched this, and the answer has not been found yet. They believe that it is because of the water here. Local people believe that it is a blessing from the gods. Kodinhi can be reached by booking a cab from Kozhikode (Calicut) International Airport. This village is 40 km away from the airport. This village is also becoming an essential part of Kerala tourism.

Roopkund, a pond full of skeletons in another Mysterious places

Every year after winter, as the snow melts, human skeletons float in the Roopkund pond. This pond, situated at an altitude of 16,500 feet, was discovered in 1942. Since then, this village has remained a mystery. Several forensic and radiocarbon tests were conducted at Roopkund pond and scientists believe that the skeletons present here are at least 1200 years old. No one knows where they came from here. Folklore says that it is a convoy of King Jasdhaval of Kannauj and his pregnant queen and all her servants who had gone out to see Nanda Devi but were hit by a storm on the way.

Jatinga, a place where birds commit suicide

Jatinga is a small village in Assam. Most of the stories about it are narrated by the local people here. Apart from this, Jatinga is a small village in Assam. Most of the stories about it are narrated by the local people here. Apart from this, you will get to read many articles about it. Every year at the end of the monsoon, a strange phenomenon occurs in this lush green area. After sunset, thousands of birds start dying here one by one. This happens every day, and according to local residents, it is haunted by evil spirits. Scientists believe that perhaps the birds are unable to see and feel properly because of the fog, and hence they die after hitting the trees. But still, no one knows why this happens every year for several days at the same place.

Drowning Church Shettihalli

The Rosary Church, built by a French missionary in 1860, used to be a part of that period’s community activity. It served as not only a church but also an orphanage and hospital. However, after 100 years, the Government of India built Gorur Dam, and this entire area was engulfed by water. Most of the buildings collapsed and became rubble, but even after all these years, this church is visible every year when the water recedes in the summer, and after that, it gets absorbed in the water again. This church remains a famous tourist spot near Bangalore and has also become the centre of faith of many people.