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Myanmar ready to return 7 lakh Rohingya Muslims.

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Singapore, Myanmar has left the country and has expressed the desire to bring back the Bung Million Rohingya Muslims. National Security Advisor Thong Tun of the country has said that if all these Rohingya Muslims want to come back, Myanmar agrees to this.

Thong was speaking in Singapore during the Shangri-La Dialogue, where he was asked whether Myanmar Rohingya has multiplied, it can properly follow United Nations’s instructions in this state. The United Nations approved the R2P framework for Myanmar in the year 2005. According to this, countries had agreed to save their population against crimes against humanity, war crimes, racial prejudice and humanity.

Thong said, “If those 7 lakh Rohingya Muslims can be sent back with their wishes, we are ready to welcome them. Will this be called racism? There is no war, so this war is not a crime. Crime against humanity can be thought of, but for that too concrete evidence is required. These serious crimes need to be proved. ‘

Explain that Myanmar and Bangladesh had agreed in January this year that if the Rohingya refugees want to return to their will then the process will be completed in the next two years. Myanmar has signed an agreement with the United Nations on Thursday, which aims to bring Rohingya safely and back home with their choice.

Thong said, “The story that happened in the Rakhine is incomplete and misleading. Myanmar does not deny that what happened in the restraint is not a crisis for humanity. There is no denying this also that the Muslims of the Restraint have suffered a lot. But the Buddhists, Hindus and other minority communities living in the reserved area have also not less.