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‘My Personality’ app collected personal data of 30 million users from Facebook.

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There are continuous news about the use of personal data from Facebook users. Now there is news for collecting more than 30 million users of Facebook’s data through a My Personality App. According to a report, for almost four years, this data from Facebook users is available to everyone to download. This information has been given in New Scientist’s report.

This data was collected through the Personality Quiz App ‘My Personality’ by the academics of Cambridge University. The report said, “This data was quite sensitive, because it was the disclosure of personal information of Facebook users, such as the results of psychological investigation.”

The report further states, “It was to be stored and shared in anonymously, but due to poor behavior, it is not anonymity.” These figures were controlled by David Stilwell and Michael Kosinski of Cambridge University. Alexander Kogan, the UK’s political advisory firm, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, was first involved in this project.

According to the report, “Cambridge Analytica team contacted the My Personality app team in 2013 to get data, but due to the political ambitions of the company, the data was refused.” Facebook last month ” My Personality ‘app was removed from its platform and said that this app has violated policies.