Multiplex Association of India is saying that there is an urgent need of reopening of cinemas

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Cinemas have been closed from the starting of the lockdown and after these months now the Multiplex Association of India has reached the government. They are now requesting the government to reopen the cinema halls and added that they have developed a safety plan too.
This sector in India is one of the sectors that provide lakhs of employment opportunities to people and according to the association, they have lost around Rs 9000 crores in this period. If we talk about jobs that are given by this sector then many people will be amazed to know that this sector is known to generate around two lakh jobs directly and many lakhs of jobs indirectly too.

The Multiplex Association of India is known to represent all the multiplex chains whether it is PVR or INOX or Cinepolis.

Amongst other sectors where a huge amount of losses occurred, the cinema that is known as the main source of entertainment for people is standing next in the line of huge losses along with job losses. If the government does not let the association open around 10,000 cinemas that are closed from march it will not be soon when people will be asked to leave their jobs or will be forced to leave from this sector. And the same is said by the Multiplex Association of India while justifying the urgent need of opening cinemas.

SOPs that the association showed the government to believe that they are ready now and the government should work on it include various things and safety protocols. These protocols start from paperless tickets and ranges to seating intervals, regulated entry and exit, and many more things. This blueprint of association regarding the safety and security of people if the cinemas reopen clearly shows that now is the time that the government should consider opening the cinemas but it is in the hands of the government only to reopen or not.

Before the news came, another news regarding the reopening of cinemas was surfaced over social media and the internet. This news was claiming that cinemas are all set to reopen from 1st October and the government has ordered the reopening of the cinemas from 1st October. But as the news surfaced reality also came to the sight of people. It turned out that the government has not passed any such order regarding the reopening of cinemas and it was all fake.

As a result of this news and the owners of cinemas urging the government to reopen cinemas, it is likely that the government will consider reopening cinemas but as of now no decisions or statement or order has been passed by the government on this matter.

Now as we have talked about reopening the cinemas we also must know about the importance of cinemas and the revenue generated by the cinemas in India. Cinemas in India are so much popular that they are known to generate a revenue of more than US$2 billion. More than 1800 movies are known to be produced in India every year including all languages whether it is Hindi or Marathi or Tamil and many more. Not only this but also in 2013 India bagged the first position in the terms of annual film output and was followed by Nigeria and China. The Indian cinema industry is known to be differentiated on the basis of language and the largest sector in the Indian cinema is of Bollywood that is the Hindi language film industry. Bollywood is known to produce around 43% of the total box office revenue. Various other cinemas’ sectors are Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tulu, and Bengali cinema. And the Indian cinema in 2011, sold more than 3.5 billion tickets worldwide that is almost 900,000 more than the Hollywood cinema industry.