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Mujahir started the ‘Free Karachi’ campaign in the US.


Washington, A group of Muslims started the ‘Free Karachi’ campaign in America. This group says that the people of their community are being tortured by the local government. The group participated in the Martin Luther Parade with a mini truck with about 6 cab ‘free Karachi’ banners.

Nadeem Noorat, convenor of Mutahida Kawami Movement, a political party of Muslims, said, “We want Karachi to be excluded from the control of Islamabad.” We want Karachi to be freed from the security forces. We demand human rights for the people of Karachi. ‘ The demonstrators say that they will contact the members of the Congress in this regard and if necessary, then the President will raise this demand in front of Trump.

Mujahir is called those who, after the partition of India and Pakistan, left India in 1947 and went to Pakistan. A large number of these people were living in Sindh province.