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Most Haunted Place in Kolkata: South Park Street Cemetery

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To rest the dead in peace British government build this non church graveyard in 1767, also known as death city / burial ground road of Kolkata.

Most of the deaths were recorded young, and due to a tropical disease, which doesn’t have the cure back in late 70,s. For example, The dennison’s family grave, knows for its story about blood oozing tombs and death of whole family for unknown reasons. It Also includes an anonymous grave number 363 of “A virtuous mother”, grave of the youngest and the oldest and lot more about history.

Unfortunately the graveyard doesn’t get much to live and officially closed by 1830 as 2000(approx) graves were enough to make it the biggest attraction of the city.

Most of the graves are like big tombstone covered in moss and looks like Lafayette Cemetery(use for shoots of the originals web show on Netflix) but with the pinch of Indian and roman architecture.

For today’s updated the famous land comes under government of India and ASI, who works on donations to maintain this tourist attraction alive. Since it works on donations and minimal entry fees of 20-50 rs, try to donate or purchase something like guidebook (just 100rs), to maintain history. Things like photography are not prohibited between 10 am to 5 pm, the official visiting hours. Also Seasons like summers (April -july) and winters(October- January)  are good to visit the souls in peace. Grassy and muddy walk paths can make it difficult in rains or monsoon.


It’s easy to reach graveyard, thanks to today’s advance technology (dark humor). Public transport like metro, trap stop and local taxi services are available. The nearest metro station will be “maidan” and the trap stop is “mullick bazar”, walking distance !

One thing that you can take care of is health. As some people feel dizzy and ill after visit due to unknown reasons, scientist still trying to find the reasons as there is no traces of paranormal activity seen till date but a variety of stray dogs can be found sharing space with dead, So don’t disturb the dead or alive as they goanna haunt you for the rest of the life !