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More than 70 million email IDs are hacked, is not you in the list?

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It seems that with the beginning of 2019, this year’s largest data leak has also emerged. Researcher Troy Hunt has detected this data leak and has now done it on his website ‘troyhunt.com’. It has approximately 77 crores 30 million email IDs and a huge database of over 20 million passwords.

The researcher has presented it as collection # 1. On Troyhat.com, Hunt has said, “Collection # 1 is a total of 2,692,818,238 passwords and email addresses. This is the data stolen from thousands of millions of users globally in different ways. ‘ He said that in the past, many people gave him information about this and after this he helped in research.

There are 12,000 files of 87 GB data in the collection. A large part of this was kept on the Popular Cloud Service Mega (MEGA). Hunt confirmed, saying, ‘I found that my personal data was on it and was quite right. Although my password was old, which I used to use a few years ago. ‘

How To Check Your Mail ID?
The researcher has given an option to check whether their ID has ever been hacked and whether it is in this database. This database exists on the website ‘Have I been Pwned’. You will have to go to https://haveibeenpwned.com and enter it in your ID window.

If your email id is safe then ‘Good news – no pwnage found!’ Will come by writing If your ID is in this database then ‘Oh no – pwned!’ Will come by writing If your ID is not secure, please update the passwords and related details immediately.