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More than 40 percent of Indians change their phones every year.

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Recently, a study done by an online website reveals that nearly 40% of people want to change their mobile phone within a year to get a new smartphone. It has also been revealed in this study that about 50% of people also keep in mind that new smartphones are very helpful in protecting the environment.

It has been found in this study that Apple and Samsung are among the most attractive brands among Indians, while brands such as Oppo, ViVo and Lava do not have much popularity. However, more than 75% of people wish to buy a mobile phone of 10,000 rupees or more. Research has revealed that only 3% of the people are willing to buy a mobile phone worth less than Rs. 5,000.

55 percent of the people involved in the study want to change their phone to keep themselves updated due to latest technology and specifications. Only 9% of the people said that they want to take a new phone due to phone breakdown or theft. Recently, in the Counterpoint Research study, it was revealed that the new phones market is growing at the rate of 13% per annum globally. Europe and America are the biggest markets of newer smartphones. While fast growing markets include India, South East Asia and Africa.