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More than 100 TCS employees earn 10 million rupees annually.

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The number of such employees in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has crossed 100, whose annual income is more than Rs 1 crore. Of this, one-fourth of the employees started their career in the country’s largest IT company.

TCS had 91 millionaire people in the financial year 2017, which increased to 103 in the financial year 2019. This figure does not include CEO Rajesh Gopinathan and COO NG Subramanyam. Employees outside India are also not included. More than 60 employees in Infosys, earning more than Rs 1.02 crores in IT Sector. Like Infosys, the stock component does not include TCS’s composition.

Head Debashish Ghosh, TCS Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Public Services Business, gets Rs 4.7 crore annually. Krishnan Ramanujam, head of business and technology services, has an annual income of 4.1 million. The Krishi Vivasan of the company’s banking, financial services and head of insurance business gets 4.3 million rupees. TCS does not publish it in the Annual Report. The company has not responded to this.

Interestingly, the oldest employee in the company who gets more than 10 million salaries, 72-year-old Barindra Sanyal is the vice president of Finance. Analysts say that the reason for the success of TCS is stability in senior leadership. Analyst of a brokerage based in Mumbai said, “The rate of joining senior officials is also very good in TCS. He has made such a path for career growth that people do not feel the need to leave the company. The method of leadership is more decentralized to them. ‘