Moon: Scientists discovered the ‘brother’ of the moon, walking in the orbit of the Earth!

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Every day scientists around the world make new revelations about the mysteries of space. Now scientists have claimed to have found a younger brother of the moon. This brother of the moon is walking in the orbit of the Earth. In fact, scientists believe that billions of years ago, a Mars-sized object collided with the EarthEarth, and the moon was formed in that collision. Moon is one of the most beautiful satellites in our space.

It is very close to the earth, and humans had reached here five decades ago in 1969. But now, scientists say that the moon is not the only satellite of its kind in space. He has discovered a similar asteroid which can be a piece of the moon and is traveling in the orbit of the EarthEarth.

This asteroid is tiny in size
Scientists claim that the size of this asteroid is tiny. Because of this, not much information has been found about it yet. Due to its small size, it cannot be seen. Its name has been named Kamooalewa. Scientists have seen five such objects close to the EarthEarth.

A report has been published about this in Nature Communications. A team of astronauts led by the University of Arizona has said that this asteroid can be seen from EarthEarth for only a short time. It can be seen only for a few weeks in April. Scientists used a large binocular telescope in southern Arizona to monitor the movements of this asteroid.

This asteroid was shown for the first time in 2016
This asteroid was seen for the first time in the year 2016. At that time, he was given the name Hawain. The diameter of this asteroid is between 150 and 190 feet. It is at a distance of about 90 lakh miles from the EarthEarth.

How to know that it is the brother of the moon
Ben Sharkey, a science student at the University of Arizona and author of this research paper, says that Kamooalewa’s nature is similar to the moon. It also reflects light like the moon. Its texture is also identical to that of the moon. For this reason, it is being considered a part of the moon. Sharkey says that he carefully looked at all the asteroids close to the EarthEarth, but none matched it.

Was it separated from the moon or something else?
Scientists are not yet sure that this asteroid has broken away from the moon. Actually, this is happening because no such asteroid has been known that originated from the moon. This research paper has been written after three years of intensive study. Sharkey completed this research under the leadership of his mentor, Associate Professor Vishnu Reddy. Sharkey said that we doubted ourselves. But in April this year, when we saw it with many jewels, we realized that it was real.

There have been strong indications that Kamooalewa originated from the moon. It is traveling in an orbit just like the EarthEarth. Although it is a bit tilted. Renu Malhotra, the co-author of this research paper, has said that asteroids close to the Earth automatically change their orbit. It is estimated that the room in which Kamooaleva is visiting now came about 500 years ago, and it will visit this room only for almost 300 years.