Monster is Finally Out!

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Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber are one of the most famous singers in the world. And the height they achieved is unmatchable. And their song together was much awaited. Now it is finally live. Their song’s name is “Monster.” And in this song, they both came forward with their feelings about expectations from fans.

About the Song “Monster”

At the starting of the song comes Mendes is criticizing the pressure. This pressure is of the audience worshipping them. And if they don’t match the audience’s expectation then a monster comes out of them. Justin Bieber is in the second half of the song. And he talks about his story. He talks about becoming a music sensation at the age of 15. But after this how he faces trauma. He faces this because the public criticizes him for his “bad choices”.

Colin Tilley is the director of the movie. And “Monster” is a blessing for all. Because many fans were waiting for both of them to come in one video or song. And now it is true what they were waiting for. The teaser for the same came some days back. And after that everyone was expecting much from the video or song. And now when it is out, it is receiving a good response.

After Justin Bieber posted a clip of his old interview, where he had asked, “Who is Shawn Mendes?”. Mendes to this replied with a picture of himself with Jacob Tremblay, who played a young Bieber in his “Lonely” video. “You don’t remember us taking this pic together?” Mendes wrote. To which, Bieber quipped, “This guy thinks he can beat me in hockey.”

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