Monsoon hair care

Monsoon hair care: Hair falls more in the rain, so these 7 tips will work for you

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Monsoon hair care: In monsoon, getting drenched in rainwater often causes many problems to the face and the hair. During this season, the hair starts breaking and falling more. Keeping the scalp wet for a long time gives rise to many hair problems.

Let’s know some monsoon hair care tips by trying to keep your hair healthy even in this season.

The Monsoon hair care tips

  1. If your hair gets wet frequently in rainwater, then you must wash them with shampoo. Otherwise, the moisture created by the rainwater will take the form of fungus, and there will be other problems along with itching.
  2. Comb the wet hair with a large-toothed comb, making the hair easy to settle and not break.
  3. Let the wet hair dry first and then tie it. If you connect the hair without drying it completely, it will not only smell, there will be increased chances of lice, and the quality will also be poor.
  4. Make sure to apply conditioner after washing the hair so that the hair does not remain haphazard and can be quickly resolved. In this season, the hair gets dry and breaks more, which is a great way to avoid it.
  5. Apply oil at least once a week so that the hair can be nourished and dryness is also removed. With this, the hair will not become lifeless, and shine will remain in them.
  6. Do not share your comb with anyone else. If you have big hair, then you can keep short hair in the rainy season. This will also give you a new look, and hair care will also be done well.
  7. Along with all this, you should also pay attention to your diet. If the effect of food is on every part of our body, it will also affect the hair, so keep your diet regular, eat less outside and avoid eating fast food. Include protein-rich foods in your diet. For example, eggs, carrots, pulses, green vegetables, dairy products, etc.