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Mohammad Rafi Birthday: Rafi had fallen in love with singing at the age of 7

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Today is the 97th birth anniversary of Mohammad Rafi, the owner of the velvet voice and the great singer of the history of Hindi cinema. On this particular occasion, the fans of his songs remember him. He is not in this world today, but he is alive in crores of hearts with his voice. He sang more than 7 thousand songs (Mohammed Rafi Songs) in his career. He sang songs in almost all the regional languages ​​of India, including Hindi. Even Rafi Sahab spread the magic of his singing by singing songs in English, Persian, Nepali, and Dj languages. Rafi Sahab was awarded the Filmfare Award four times and the National Award once. In 1967, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri award.

The fakir had given blessings!

Mohammad Rafi was born on December 24, 1924, at Kotla Sultan Singh (Mohammad Rafi Birth Place) near Amritsar. Rafi was from a middle-class family. He started singing at the young age of just seven. It is said that when Rafi Sahab was seven years old, he used to follow a fakir passing through his elder brother’s shop. The fakir used to go from there singing songs. Rafi sahib liked that fakir’s voice so much that he imitated his voice. One day that fakir also heard his music. The fakir was very happy to see Rafi’s sentiment towards the song, and he blessed Rafi that, son, one day, he will become a tremendous singer.

Naushad Sahib had already predicted

Mohammad Rafi reached Mumbai at the age of 20. He got the opportunity to sing a song in a Punjabi film for the first time. However, here he could not get the fame that he deserved. Two years later, Rafi was called to sing in the film ‘Anmol Ghadi,’ composed by the great composer Naushad. The lyrics of the song were, ‘Tera toy tuta.’ When he sang this song, Naushad sahib had announced even before the film’s release that this song would run fiercely and Rafi would have a lot of names in the film industry.

Movies used to be a hit because of Rafi’s songs

After this, the journey of Rafi’s success started, and it reached heights. Films like ‘Shaheed,’ ‘Dulari,’ Baiju Bawra’ brought Rafi into the mainstream. His percussion singers became challenging to find. Rafi Sahab’s songs played an essential role in the success of films like ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand,’ ‘Sasural,’ ‘Dosti,’ ‘Suraj,’ and ‘Brahmachari.’

The song is sung even in 1 rupee

The evergreen singer Mohammad Rafi was a very kind person. He never used to ask the musician how much money he would get for singing a song. He only used to come and sing the music, and sometimes he has sung the song even after taking 1 rupee. This is proof of Rafi’s heart. Although Rafi has sung with every singer, his pairing with vocal queen Lata Mangeshkar was amazing. Duet songs of both are still heard with great enthusiasm.