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Mnangagwa won Zimbabwe election, Opposition charged with rigging.

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Harare, President of Zimbabwe Emerson Mnangagwa won the country’s historic elections with a slight margin. Security forces are patrolling the streets to prevent possible demonstrations in the face of rigging charges after Thursday’s election results. Mnangagwa is an ally of former President Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe Election Commission said Mnangagwa won 50.8 percent of the vote against opposition party MDC’s Nelson Chamasya 44.3 percent of the votes. ..

Commission President Priscilla Chigumba said, “Manangagha Emerson Dambudzoo of JNU-PF party is declared elected President of Zimbabwe Republic.” Mannaggaa has won a very marginal difference as the need for more than 50 per cent votes to win it occurs. He said on Twitter that he is happy to win the election and he called it a new beginning for the country.

It was the first election of the country after withdrawing from Mugabe last year. The security forces on Wednesday blasted the MDC supporters, accusing them of rigging in elections, in which 6 people were killed. Army and police removed people from Central Harare in the wake of election results. After the official announcement of election results, MDC spokesman Morgan Comichi called counting votes false. After declaring Mnangagwa as the winner, he said that his party dismisses the repercussions.He said “We will take this case to court”.