Microsoft warning for Android users, your phone can be hacked anytime, risk 24×7

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If you also use an Android smartphone, then this news is very important for you. Microsoft has issued a warning for Android users, saying that their smartphone can be hacked at any time. Microsoft has issued this warning regarding Android ransomware MalLocker.B.

Microsoft says that this ransomware is reaching people’s phones through online forums and websites. Usually, it has been seen inside Android apps. In such a situation, it is very important for you to be cautious while downloading the app from any website.

Microsoft said, “Unlike most Android ransomware, it does not encrypt new Threat files and blocks their axis.” Instead, it blocks the axis of the device with the message on the screen. This screen appears in every window, meaning that the user cannot do anything else on the phone. A ransom note appears on the screen to which a message is sent and there are guidelines to pay for the ransom.

Like other ransomware, it is not encrypting the users’ phones, instead, it is preventing the users from using the phone’s screen. Simply put, if this ransomware reaches your phone, it will freeze the screen of the phone. After the freeze, a message is also seen on the screen that a law enforcement agency has locked your phone, you have to pay fine to unlock it.

This virus is taking great advantage of the calls coming on the phone. As soon as someone’s call comes on the users’ phone, it becomes active. Apart from this, it is also activated when you click the home button and the recent app button.

The report says that the code for this ransomware is quite easy. In such a situation, this virus can reach millions of millions of devices very fast. Now the question is what is the way to avoid this dangerous virus. The easiest and best way is that you do not download any app from your website or third party app store on your phone.