Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams meetings will represent your cartoon avatar


Microsoft is aware of the fact that Microsoft Teams meetings may turn into a dreary slog. Microsoft has come up with a novel way to spice up protracted meetings as the hybrid work paradigm takes hold. Microsoft unveiled Mesh, a technology that would allow your virtual avatars to represent you in meetings, during the Ignite 2021 event. Other announcements were made at the ceremony as well.

This virtual world, which is connected to the actual world yet generates a separate digital one, is part of Microsoft’s Metaverse, a network of virtual worlds that helps businesses run smoothly. Here’s a quick summary of the whole event.

Several new features have been added to Microsoft Teams.

Before we get into the Microsoft Teams avatars, let’s have a look at a few other new features.

Invite an external team into a channel, set up a shared channel meeting, and collaborate on files with other teams.

The ability to talk with persons outside of a company’s network is made possible through Chat with Teams. Using a Microsoft personal email address or phone number, Teams users at work can chat with any other Teams user who has a Microsoft personal email address or phone number.

Microsoft Teams Mesh

Mesh allows you to create your virtual representations of yourself. The avatar can be customised by the user, and AI can be used to mimic movements and gestures. In Microsoft’s words, this will allow you to feel more at home in the virtual world.

The best part is that you won’t have to turn on your camera or need any other specialised equipment to use Mesh. There’s no need for a bulky VR or AR headgear in this scenario.

Microsoft claims that the AI will be able to recognise your voice and respond to it. An animated avatar, such as a hand raise or an animated emoji, is more likely if the meeting is taking place in 3D.