MH-60R Seahawk

MH-60R Seahawk: America said, Indian Navy getting stronger by getting MH-60R Seahawk helicopter

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The US Department of Defense Pentagon has said that the Indian Navy is getting stronger with our help. For this, they have been given surveillance aircraft like P8. No country in the world has such aircraft. Along with this, getting the powerful MH-60R Seahawk helicopter from America will also increase the firepower of India’s Navy. A team of the Indian Air Force is currently undergoing training in the US.

American company Lockheed Martin’s MH-60R Seahawk helicopters are fully capable and extremely powerful to perform multiple combat roles. It is a multi-role all-weather helicopter. These helicopters can also be modified with many dangerous equipment and weapons. India will get 26 such helicopters. Two of these helicopters have been given to India. The Indian government is procuring these helicopters from the US as part of foreign military sales at an estimated cost of USD 2.4 billion.

In connection with this, a ceremony to formally transfer the helicopter was held at the Naval Air Station in San Diego last week. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that the US will also get help in coordination with the Navy. After receiving these surveillance planes and helicopters.

What did US company Lockheed Martin’s Vice President said?

William Blair, Vice President and Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin India, said in a statement, “We are committed to making this program a tremendous success in partnership with the United States Navy and the Indian Navy. Hamid Saleem, Vice President, Sikorsky Maritime and Mission Systems, said that the delivery of the first two MH-60R Romeo helicopters to the Indian Navy marks the beginning of a new era of collaboration and partnership between the United States Navy, the Indian Navy and Sikorsky.

He said that we are committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with the Indian Navy. The Indian cabinet had approved the purchase of MH-60R helicopters in February 2020. Weeks before the visit of the then US President Donald Trump.