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‘Metro Man’ E. Sreedharan, concerned with the free Metro travel, wrote to PM Narendra Modi.

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E Sreedharan, the first managing director of the Delhi Metro, suggested the Kejriwal government initiative to provide free travel facility to women in the metro, suggesting that the amount of the subsidy directly deposited in the women’s bank account, describing it as a disaster for the metro. Sridharan, who is known as ‘Metro Man’, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 10 and expressed his unhappiness over Kejriwal’s proposal.

According to sources, Sreedharan has said in the letter that if the government really wants to take any measures to give free travel facility to anyone, instead of making any changes to the existing system of Metro, the beneficiary should give the benefit amount directly to her bank account will be a better solution.

He said, “To maintain the systematic system of the metro, in the beginning of the metro service in 2002, we had made a theoretical decision not to give any subsidies and the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee also praised it. Not only this, Atal ji, even after buying the ticket himself at the time of inauguration, had traveled the metro and had given a message that this is necessary to maintain the quality of the Metro service.

Sreedharan argued that with the tradition of giving subsidy, it would be difficult to pay a loan taken by the Metro management with foreign agencies. He said that this commitment of Delhi Metro is being followed by the Metro service of other cities of the country.

If the free travel service starts in Delhi then such demand will rise in other cities too. Sreedharan suggested that if the government wants it, like other government schemes, this subsidy should also be directly transferred to the beneficiary’s account through DBT system.