Metal Monolith

Metal Monolith: Another metal pillar, this time in Europe!


New Metal Monolith: In the European country Romania, a metal pillar (Monolith) suddenly appeared. Exactly like this appeared a few days ago in the desert of Utah in America.

Before anyone knew it how it got there, it had disappeared from there. It is unknown whether it was put there by humans or by aliens. As it disappeared that mystery remained. Latest Same Another metal pillar like that is now visible in Romania. The Daily Mail reports that the triangular-shaped metal pillar was found a few meters away from the ancient Petrodava Dacian fortress in Pietra Neamt, Romania.

The latest pillar is 13 feet high. Siahlu seems to be looking towards the mountain. The mountain is one of the 7 natural wonders of Romania. So the lost pillar in the Utah desert, this one says the two are separate. The pillar, in the Utah desert, was 10-12 feet high and it is made of steel on three sides.

Metal Monolith
The metal pillar in the Utah desert

Two different pillars appearing in different places not knowing who put them and who is eating them. Many people say that all this is the work of aliens. As everyone is talking about the lost pillar in Utah. There is an argument that someone made another similar pillar and put it in Romania.

Romanian authorities are currently holding their heads high. If people are demanding that its mystery be unravelled. They say we are seeing it for the first time. They say that it does not belong to the government. So they can not do anything about. They are trying to find out who owns it.
Being in the area of ​​the historic, archaeological protection zone no one is in a position to touch it. Someone is okay to put something like that there. The permission of the authorities has to be taken. Authorities were shocked that it was there before that happened.

Have you seen the Hollywood movie 2001 A Space Odyssey? It contains a similar metal pillar. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. At the beginning of the movie in a desert, on the moon during the interval and at the climax this metal pillar appears in space.

Every time it appears human society is becoming more and more intelligent and developed. The film was shot as if the metal pillar had something to do with the aliens. But nowhere do aliens appear in it. Also, that metal pillar is also a mystery. With that in mind, the argument is heard that someone did this on purpose in the desert of Utah, in Romania.