Meta adds a dedicated ‘calls’ tab to Messenger


If you use Facebook(Meta) Messenger for calls, you will notice an upgrade to the application in the coming weeks. On Android and iOS, the social media business is introducing a new ‘calls’ tab. Those who use Facebook Messenger for calling will like the new call button.

The new tab will be positioned in the lower bar of the app’s screen, between the Chats and Peoples tabs. Previously, users had to begin a new thread to call a friend or family member. Although it is not a significant update, the new ‘calls’ option brings Facebook Messenger closer to WhatsApp.

Throughout the epidemic, Facebook Messenger has been one of the most popular video calling apps. The decision to include calling on the Messenger app’s main page was made in response to an increase in audio and video calls. According to Meta, since early 2020, voice and video calling on Messenger has climbed by 40%. Every day, Messenger users across the world make over 300 million voice and video calls.

Meta began rolling out end-to-end encrypted group conversations and calls in Messenger earlier this year. End-to-end encrypted (E2EE) group chats and calls were initially supported in August of last year. While WhatsApp encrypts all conversations by default, Meta’s other programmes, Messenger and Instagram, do not. However, Meta intends to implement default end-to-end encryption in 2023. With over 1.3 billion users globally, Messenger is one of the most popular cross-platform services.