Menopause: What problems do women face after menopause?

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After menopause, women have to face many hormonal problems. It is a natural process, but the problems do not end even after the periods stop. Often the problem related to periods starts in women after the age of 40 to 45. Sometimes the period comes late and sometimes there is a problem of heavy bleeding. After the periods stop, the routine of women also gets disturbed. Hormones also change completely. If you are also seeing some such symptoms, then be careful already. And what kind of problems you will have to face after menopause to go to this post. Also how to deal.

Problems after menopause

-After the end of your periods, your weight starts increasing rapidly. -Hormonal changes also lead to nervousness, restlessness, and depression.
-When there is no menstruation, there is gas in the stomach. Due to which the stomach starts bloating rapidly.
-There is itching in the body. It is more during the summer days.
-Lack of sleep, lack of sleep are all symptoms of menopause.
-Women feel very hot after menstruation stops. Not only this, it does not feel like freezing even in the cold.
-Menopause affects the bones. In which there is constant pain. Joints start to hurt.
-Fatigue and weakness are more. There is a problem like lack of appetite.

How to deal with the problems?

-Menopause ends or even falls after some time. But during this time the walk should be started regularly.
-Keep yourself busy as much as possible.

-Be stress-free.
-Do share your thoughts with anyone.
-Do yoga and pranayama. Keep drinking more and more water.