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Meghalaya Mine Rescue: Indian Navy failed, the body of the second miner removed from the mine in a rotten condition.

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The body of another miner from the 15 miners trapped in the illegal mine of Meghalaya, nearly a month ago, was taken out on Thursday. According to the reports, the nearly rotated corpse was extracted from the deep water of 370 feet full of water. According to sources, the body was first brought to the water surface with the help of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), after which the Navy team pulled out the dead body.

Explain that 15 miners were trapped inside the river after water was flooded in the mine. At the time of the incident, five miners were able to escape. The relatives of the people trapped in the mine are demanding that the body of the miners be taken out according to the orders of the Supreme Court. Earlier on 16th January even a body was taken out.

The river was flooded in the tunnel
It is noteworthy that on 13th December, the tunnel of 370 feet deep was blocked due to flooding of river water. Since then, trying to evacuate 15 miners trapped in it were being tried. In January, only two miners were found in another illegal coal mine in Eastern Jaintia district. In this case eight people were arrested. The National Green Tribunal has banned insecure mining from 2014. In spite of this, illegal mining continues.