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Media institutions criticizing government in India, are being harassed: Report

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Washington, The Trump Administration claimed that in 2017, media organizations that were critical of the government in India were allegedly under pressure or harassed. Referring to this in our annual Human Rights Report for the year 2017, the US State Department also said about the right to freedom of expression described in the Indian Constitution.

According to the Human Rights Report, ‘the constitution (of India) gives freedom of expression, but it does not clearly mention the freedom of the press. The government (of India) generally respects these rights, but there are some cases in which the government has allegedly harassed its critics and media organizations.

This annual report of the Ministry of External Affairs reveals the situation of human rights in all the countries of the world. The report said that the situation of human rights in India is far better than in other countries. It also included those major incidents that were seen as an attack on the freedom of the press in India. This report has come at a time when the Trump administration is also facing charges of attack on the freedom of the press.