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May be a lifetime president even in the US: Trump

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Washington, US President Donald Trump said that it is a good thing to think that now President of China will be lifelong for this post. At the same time, he quipped that perhaps in America there would always be a lifetime president. During the banquet held for Republican donors in the South Florida estate of Trump, the American President commented on this.

According to the news of ‘CNN’, this comment was based on the recordings he got. China’s President Xi Jinping has recently acquired a full hold on power. To keep him a lifelong president, there is a possibility of constitutional amendment in the annual session of the Parliament. After the amendment, a leader will lose the two-term limit.

Trump said to the people present there, ‘China will now be president for lifetime. Very good. “Trump said, ‘I think it’s great.’ However, Trump also criticized his opponent Hilary Clinton during this time and repeated the allegations of rigging on him. He said that encroachment in Iraq was the single most wrong decision so far.