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Mattala: India will run together with Sri Lanka, the world’s lowest airport?

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Colombo, There can be a dialogue between India and Sri Lanka to create a joint venture for the operation of the Mattala International Airport, running in deficit in South Sri Lanka. An Indian delegation has come to Colombo in this regard. Sri Lankan transport deputy minister Ashok Abhayasinghe gave this information in response to a question in Parliament.

The opposition had asked him whether the Metro airport would be sold completely. Abhayasinghe said that India has expressed the desire to run this airport as a joint venture of Sri Lanka-India. He said, “Despite the loss, the airport will not be sold at all.”

The name of the Mattala airport has been named after Sri Lanka’s former president Mahinda Rajapaksa. This was a China-backed project. Due to the lack of flights, the airport, built at a cost of $ 21 million, became the world’s most emptied airport.

The only international flight to fly here was postponed in May due to losses and flight safety issues. In 2017, the government invited proposals from investors to make this airport profitable. However, no proposal was received for this.

Meanwhile, the Port in Hambantota has been leased to China to compensate China’s debt. This project was also Mahinda Rajapaksa’s favorite plan. The Opposition, led by Mahinda Rajapaksa, is opposing the government’s move by talking about selling the national property to China.