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Marvel finally released most awaited trailer. ‘Avengers 4’ is officially known as ‘Avengers – End Game’

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As much as Marvel Cinematic Universe found in the world, hardly anyone else got it Each and every movie of them is eagerly waiting for the people. Marvel has so far taken 20 more Phase 1 movies, as well as the TV series is also very popular.

On Friday night, Marvel suddenly launched a trailer of his own movie which is also doing YouTube trends, yet it has been seen more than 31 million views so far.

In the trailer, Tony Stark is trying to send a recorded message to Pepper, after which he is also flying an alien ship. After that the Black Widow is shown, She is saying that Thanos did what he wanted to do. Then in a scene, the shows thee weepy Captain America. And then finally Clint arrives in his Ronin form. Then, Thor and Bruce Banner appear in a scene. And then comes the title of the movie titled ‘Avengers And Game’. Now comes the antman, who gives a message to window and the captain America.

Estimates being captain or Ironman will sacrifice himself for save the Universe. But officially Chris Evans has done goodbye. See what happens next.