Mars Perseverance Rover

Mars Perseverance Rover: NASA’s rover successfully landed on Mars

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The US Space Agency (NASA )’s rover Perseverance Rover has successfully landed on Mars planet. Perceived surveillance rover reached Mars 7 months after takeoff from Earth. According to Indian time, the rover made a landing on the surface of the red planet at 2.25 pm on Thursday-Friday night. Seeing the successful landing of the rover, the scientists working on the project at the laboratory jumped with joy.

NASA’s rover will explore life chances on Mars. NASA executive chief Steve Jurczyk expressed happiness over the successful landing of the perceiver. He said, “This is amazing. The Corona era made the rover’s landing on Mars even more challenging. Perseverance will serve as a ‘scout for future rover missions’. “

NASA’s rover Perseverance sent the first pictures as soon as it landed on Mars. Perseverance has also sent a second picture of the collection. Scientists say that due to the landing, the dust has accumulated on the camera lens at the moment.

Methane sludge detected on Mars
Recently methane dung has been detected in the northern part of Mars, which has become a subject of great interest because it is likely to have an organic origin. Also, there can be other aspects. Methane (CH4) found as a gas in the Earth’s atmosphere. More than 90 per cent of methane on Earth is produced by living beings and vegetation.

In the case of Mars, the month of February is going to be important as the US, China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) campaigns are in various stages. Scientists believe that there will be some signs to preserve the existence of life on the red planet billions of years ago. Eight countries have sent their expeditions to Mars.

Many countries engaged in ‘Mars campaign’
China launched ‘Tianwen-1’ as part of its Mars mission on July 23 last year for the Red Planet. It reached the orbit of Mars on 10 February. Its lander is likely to land in the Utopia Planitia area in May 2021. UAE’s Mars mission ‘Hope’ also entered the orbit of Mars this month.

The former Soviet Union first sent an expedition to Mars. According to the database of the European Space Agency, Marsnik-1 was launched on 10 October 1960. India is one of the few countries which has been successful in its first attempt at Mars campaign. The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was launched on 23 November 2013.