Mars: Lightning and falling are possible on Mars, know how much danger is there

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In-depth studies are being done on Mars to find signs of life outside on Earth. Along with this, it is also being investigated which processes and systems happening on Earth happen or can happen on Mars. The landforms of Mars have already excited scientists. Once upon a time, water used to flow on the Red Planet.

Now researchers have found that by creating Mars-like conditions on Earth itself. It is possible to create celestial electricity in the atmosphere there due to friction in the dust particles on Mars.

It is possible on mars

In experiments conducted at the University of Oregon’s lab, researchers have suggested that the atmospheric conditions of Mars may produce frictional flashes of lightning. Not only this, they have found that there can be incidents like falling off this lightning on the surface there too.

How dangerous can it be?
In this study published in the journal Icarus, the researchers also said that these flashes would be so small or small that they would not threaten future robotic or human missions in any way. For the last 50 years, many space missions have been sent to the planet. During this, events like dust storms have been seen many times on Mars. Due to this, the possibility of electrical activity in the atmosphere there has always been expressed.

How massive?

Scientists experimented to find out whether large-scale lightning storms and thunderstorms were possible on Mars. Whether the collision of particles of basalt rocks with vehicles could generate so much static electricity that it could affect the humans who arrived there kind of damage can happen.

Possible with Mars dust
The kind of dust found on Mars, scientists used volcanic ash in the experiment. Volcanologist Josef Dufek discovered that dust storms can be accompanied by lightning on Mars. But due to this falling lightning weak electric field, this event will happen only on a small scale.

Weak electric field
Only 20 thousand volts of electricity can be generated in the atmosphere of Mars at a time. At the same time, electric fields of up to 3 megavolts can be created in the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to which storm lightning is common here. The researchers say that their and earlier experiments show that lightning can easily be generated by blowing dust and sand. But under no circumstances can there be large-scale lightning or lightning strikes.

Such incidents are very common on earth

Such frictional processes are very common on Earth when rubbing socks on a carpet, or touching a door handle, or rubbing a balloon with hair and sticking it to a window generates electricity. But on Mars, it may not be all that widespread. There may be very little lightning and flashes. The fall will be so small that it will not be visible and will be visible only by radio waves.

Researchers say that the number of missions to Mars is going to increase in the coming years. So they will take their experiment further. Many processes of the atmosphere are involved in the activities of lightning. Which can also affect human activities. Helicopters like Ingenuity can also be affected to some extent by lightning.