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Man crashes plane in you own home to kill his wife, died himself.

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Utah, A shocking event has emerged from America’s Utah. Actually there a man dropped the plane over his house to kill his wife. In this incident, the life of the wife of the man who plunged the plane was saved but that person lost his life. Regarding the case, the police said, “There was a fire after colliding with the plane’s house. The man himself was killed, but his wife and a child in the house were able to escape somehow. ‘ The person killed in the incident has been identified as Duane Youd.

According to the police, after the collision of the plane, the front of the house was burnt. According to media reports, Duane Youd was arrested in the case of domestic violence just hours before this incident. But later he got bail. Duane Youd was accused of beating his wife. The American police told that the company Duane Youd used to work in, the plane belonged to the same company.

It is being told that Duane Youd was an experienced pilot. He was arrested on Sunday for cheating wife. According to the reports, after getting bail in this case, Duane Youd got away with his plane to his house and he carried out the incident.