Man City had a good start for Premier League this year after defeating Wolves

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Premier League has started this year on 12lth September, and the excitement that people have shown towards it is unmatchable even in this pandemic. Till now in total 18 matches are held and the last match was between Manchester City and Wolves. And with this match in total 2 matchdays are completed. The first match started with Fulham vs Arsenal in which Arsenal won with 3 – 0. And the match that held today was the first match of Manchester City and with its win, they are able to get a good start for the Premier League.

In this match, Manchester City was able to score the first goal within 20 minutes of the match. This goal was scored by Kevin De Bruyne in a penalty. And after this Manchester City was able to boost the confidence of players to the skies. And then the next goal came just after twelve minutes that means on 32nd minute of the match by Phil Foden and by now Manchester was ahead of Wolves by 2 – 0 and Wolves were trying to match the score but till the first half of the match, they were not able to. In the second half of the match, Wolves gave City a great difficulty to score as in the second-half minutes were passing but the players of Manchester were struggling to score but were not able to. And then in the 78th minute of the match Wolves scored their first goal. This goal was scored by Raul Jimenez. And then in the last, in additional time that was given after the completion of 90 minutes of the match, one more goal was scored. This score was done by Manchester City and the player who scored was Gabriel Jesus.

If we talk about the match status of this match then it was as follows:

Possession – In the whole match, Man City was able to have the 60% possession of the ball. This means out of the 90 minutes of the match for 54 minutes the ball was in the hand of Man City players.
Shots – Man City players were able to make shots for the goal 14 times during the whole match. On the other hand, Wolves’ players shot in a total of 10 times.
Shots on Target – The players of Wolves were not able to shoot towards the goal as they shot only 1 time on the target. And the players of Man City shot in a total of 9 times over the target.
Corners – In the match 10 corners were there out of which 6 were done by Manchester City’s players and the other 4 were done by the players of Wolves.
Fouls – In total 13 fouls were done by the players, out of which 8 were done by the players of Manchester City, and the other 5 were done by the players of Wolves.

The 3rd Matchday of Premier League will start on 26th September.

The Premier League regularly alluded to as the English Premier League or the EPL outside England is the high degree of the English football class framework. Challenged by 20 clubs, it works on an arrangement of advancement and assignment with the English Football League (EFL). Seasons run from August to May with each group playing 38 matches (playing every one of the 19 different groups both home and away). Most games are played on Saturday and Sunday evenings.