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Maldives: Supreme Court Suspends 12 MLAs.

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The Maldives’s top court on Monday suspended 12 legislators while giving a historic judgment. The court pronounced this verdict before an important parliamentary vote. This decision has encouraged Maldivian president Abdulla Yameen.

The Supreme Court of Maldives has overturned its own decision, in which it first ordered the President to release political prisoners. This verdict shows that Parliament has certified President Abdulla Yameen’s 15-day emergency decision. Because of this today the Maldives is diving into the ocean of crisis.

Let us state that on February 1, the court had ruled that all the 12 legislators who left the political party should be restored. Although the recent decisions of the court have completely reversed the situation.

The Bench of three judges, while announcing the verdict, said that it is suspending the verdict on February 1. After the announcement of Abdullah Yameen’s Emergency, it is the second in turn of the Supreme Court.

Earlier, the court had also withdrawn its decision which was the release of Abdulla Yameen’s enemies and other political prisoners besides former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Yameen has been facing international criticism since then, since he refused to accept the verdict of the top court and imposed emergency. Due to this political crisis, tourism in Maldives has also suffered a lot.