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Making painting of women in Saudi Arabia is ‘sin’.

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“There is a lot of difference between the painting of India and Saudi Arabia, where there are paintings of the building building, desert, camel, date palms … you can not make a picture of any woman here.”
Prerna living in Saudi Arabia is dissatisfied saying this. Recently, Saudi Shah Salman has taken many decisions in favor of women, who are awaiting a little hope. Prerna wants to make sloppies even in the pamphins of Shah Salman Art.
Inspiration has been living in Saudi Arabia for the past 30 years. They are artists. Born in Nagpur, Prerna has done masters at Fine Arts from a university in Bhopal.
There are many restrictions on art in Saudi Arabia. Here artists make painting according to the guidelines of the Saudi regime. Artists’ painting has to go through censorship before any exhibition.
“Whenever I put an exhibition here, there is a direction that what you can and can not do, it is that you will not make any kind of picture related to religion.”

Counting the restrictions, prerna further says, “Secondly, you will not make a picture of any woman. You have to make a woman’s picture, then her condition is that she should be blurred. You can not show women’s eyes and nose in the picture. . ”
She goes on to say that if a female character is needed in a painting, she can make her outline, but in the painting, women should also be confused, which is called Abaya.
Indeed, making a woman in painting in Saudi Arabia is no less than a sin. American writer Hunt Janine and Margaret Bashir, who wrote books on medieval history and the inter-culture of countries, has written in his book ‘Cultures of the World: Saudi Arabia’ that Saudi Arabia has two main contributions in the arts of the world- Mosque and Shayari.
Why ban …?
He has written that there is religious restrictions on the art of Saudi Arabia. Artists can not make any living creatures in their paintings.

This ban is born with an Islamic belief, under which Allah alone can create life. According to their conservative beliefs, if a person makes a painting of a living creature then he starts trying to become a god.
According to Saudi beliefs, such photographs can distract people from their Allah and believe in pictures rather than accept them.

The book says, “Many Muslim countries do not consider such restrictions based on religious beliefs, but Saudi Arabia does not want any kind of agreement on this.”
Women in Saudi Arabia will now be able to cheer at the stadium.
What are the children taught?
In addition to inspiring exhibition, teachings in Saudi Arabia schools also teach. She says that children in schools are also prohibited from teaching the figure of living beings.

He said, “Here the children can not tell the shape of the animal until it is said to teach simple art form.” It is said to teach drawing from nature objects like photos, pots, glass. ”

Inspiration made pictures showing human emotions as long as they were in India. His expression of freedom in Saudi Arabia has been reduced to a limited extent.

She says, “There is bondage in petting, I can not make what I want, but here there are some American, Canadian and Australian compounds, where painting of this method can be made.”
“If you want such a painting on a personal level, it can be made but can not be made public and can not be displayed in public.”
Protest against artists
From time to time, local artist protested against this ban in Saudi Arabia. They express their opposition through Twitter and Facebook.

A similar protest was made by a Saudi artist named Johar al-Saud a few years ago. He had an artificial injury on the restrictions.

He had run an out-of-line series on Facebook, in which he had captured human emotion in photography and printed the person’s nose and eyes away from the negative of the photo.
Motivation tells that it is very difficult to show human emotions through painting in Saudi Arabia. Like India, photos showing embrace are not just here.

She says, “For any exhibition the painting has to be made from the organizers’ point of view. I remember that one of my paintings was refused to be exhibited in the exhibition, in that painting a lady was shown dancing.”
Expressions of artists such as inspiration in Saudi Arabia work within the boundaries of restrictions. They are afraid of law. Inspiration says, “There can not be any law against anybody here. We also follow Kanoon here, so that no trouble will arise.”

He also says that now Saudi Arabia is slowly becoming aware. He hopes that in the field of art, artists will get some freedom after the driving and permission for women to watch matches in the stadium.
Inspiration said that his painting is famous among the Indian people as well as the local people. Many of his paintings have been planted in the palaces of Saudi Shah.