Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti 2021: Know about this auspicious day

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Makar Sankranti festival has special significance in Sanatan Dharma. According to mythological beliefs, when the sun god enters Capricorn, it is Makar Sankranti. Usually, It is celebrated every year on 14 January. It is also believed that on January 14, the meeting of the Sun God and his son Shani Devta also takes place. There are some religious beliefs that the planet Venus also rises on this day. For this reason, also, this festival is considered very auspiciously.

If you worship the sun god on this day with full rituals during the auspicious time, then you get auspicious results. The auspicious time of Makar Sankranti festival this year is as follows –

Makar Sankranti virtuous period
On 14 January, the holy period of Makar Sankranti is from 08.30 minutes in the morning to 05.46 minutes in the evening. Also, the great time at the festival is 01.45 hours. It is from 08.30 minutes in the morning to 10.15 minutes in the day.

Worship in this way on Makar Sankranti

– Get up early in the morning and retire from routine work. Add sesame seeds to the bathwater. On Makar Sankranti, bath with sesame water.

-People should worship only by wearing clean clothes.

– Resolve to fast without eating salt throughout the day, as well as pledge to donate.

– Offer pure water to Suryadev by taking water in a copper pot. Also mix red flowers, red sandalwood, sesame seeds and a little jaggery in the water.

Also, keep in mind that the water you are offering to the Sun God should be dropped in the copper vessel itself. Later they add water plants

Say these mantras while offering water to the Sun:

Chant this mantra while offering water to the Sun. Mantra: Om Ghrni Sooryaadityaay Namah
While worshipping Sun God, also chant these mantras:
Om Sooryaay Namah

Om Aadityaay Namah

Om Saptaarchishe namah

Om Savitre Namah

Om Maartandaay Namah

Om Vishnave Namah

Om Bhaaskaraay Namah

Om Bhaanave Namah

Om Marichaye Namah