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Love crosses all the lines, 19-year-old boy married 72 year-old lady.


Maryville, Age does not matter to love, provided love is true and this statement proves true; America is a coupler who does not really let the age interfere in its relationship. Just a 19-year-old boy married a 53-year-old woman, not one or two, and has now talked openly about his first sex experience.

Two years ago, 71-year-old Almeida and 17-year-old Gary Hardwick met. According to ‘Mirror UK’, these two were found during the funeral of Almeida’s son Robert. After this, Robert’s widow, Lisa, called them both in a family program. At that time Gary had been restructured with another 77 years old. Gary has admitted that after seeing Almeida, he had come to know that he is the next lady in his life. At that time Almeida was the grandmother of 6 children.

After two weeks of romance, Gary and Almeida got married. In the marriage of both, only 12 thousand rupees were spent.

Two years later, Almeida is 72 years old and Gary has turned 19 and this couple looks happier like any normal couple. Almeida says, ‘If you love someone, age is just a figure.’

Gary says that he has never been fascinated by the girls of his age. I knew that we both are in love, so I got married to Almeida. Gary says that for the first time we had sex on our wedding night and the experience was great. Gary said that Almeida is the ‘best friend’. However, Almeida had to get away from her sons due to the marriage.