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L’Oreal’s first ‘Hijab model’ tweeted anti-Israel tweets.

Tops World

Paris, To join a series of anti-Israeli tweets, Britain’s model Amena Khan, chosen by L’Oreal, has decided to exit the program to join a campaign. A French beauty giant, last week, selected the first woman to wear the hijab as the main model for a major shampoo campaign.

Amina said in a tweet on Monday, “I apologize for the content of my Tweets made in 2014 and sincerely apologize to those who are troubled and injured.” He said, “With deep sorrow, I have decided to come out of this campaign because the talks happening around this time remove the result from a positive and inclusive spirit.”

Upon contacting the Loreal Group, he told that the company has approved Amena’s decision. The company has said, ‘We appreciate Amina’s apology on the content of her tweets and the fact of the reactions that occur thereafter.’