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Lockdown Extension: Lockdown extended for two weeks in the country, major relief in the green zone, ban on non-essential activities from 7 am to 7 pm.

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The lockdown period has again been extended to two weeks. The country is being divided into Red, Orange, and Green zones. All major economic activities in the Green Zone have been exempted. According to the latest order, buses will be able to run in green zones, but the capacity of the buses will not exceed 50%. That is, if a bus has 50 seats, it will not have more than 25 passengers. Similarly, not more than 50% of the employees will work in Depo. In the order issued by the Union Home Ministry, it has been made clear that from 7 am to 7 pm, the non-essential activities of people, the extravagant roaming will be banned.

Which zones in the country, how many
Keep in mind that the entire country is divided into 733 zones. Of these, 130 red zones, 284 orange zones, and 319 green zones have been declared. Institutes that provide essential services and goods, including barbershops, salons, will also open in the districts of the Green Zone from May 4. Cinema hall, mall, gym, sports complex, etc. will remain closed.

No buses allowed in Orange zone, cab allowed
At the same time, there will be no exemption for operating buses in the Orange Zone, but cabs will be allowed. The cab may have the same passenger as the driver. Industrial activities will start in the Orange Zone and complexes will also open. New shops, salons, etc. will remain closed in the Red Zone. Detailed information will be given by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

These activities are still banned

  • Air travel, rail operations, metro operations, roads from one state to another.
  • Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, training/coaching institutes.
  • All institutions of hospitality services including hotels, restaurants.
  • Crowded places like cinema hall, mall, gym, sports complex.
  • Non-essential activities of people from 7 am to 7 pm, useless walking.
  • In all zones, people over 65 years of age and people with problems like diabetes, heart problems, pregnant women, children below 10 years, get out of the house except for essential work or health needs.

There are currently 307 districts in the Green Zone in the country.
There are a total of 739 districts in the country, out of which 307 are still untouched by corona i.e. more than 40 percent. These 319 districts are Green Zones. After 3 May, in these districts factories, shops, small industries including transport and other services have also been allowed to open fully with conditions. Significantly, the districts where there is not a single case of coronavirus infection for the last 21 days are declared as green zones. Earlier, this period was 28 days, which was reduced to 21 days by the Union Health Ministry.

284 districts in the Orange Zone
The Orange Zone includes districts where the number of corona patients is low and there is less risk of infection. Since there are Covid-19 patients here, they cannot be kept in the Green Zone and they are not kept in the Red Zone as the danger is not high. That is, they are placed in the middle orange zone, which is also known as non-hotspot districts. There are currently 284 districts in this category.

129 districts in the Red Zone, also entire Delhi
There are 130 districts in the country in Red Zones i.e. there are hotspots of Coronavirus. The entire Delhi is in the Red Zone. Large industrial centers like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat are also in Red Jones, where there is little scope for concessions.