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Lockdown: COVID-19 effect on the world.

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Like every other year, 2020 started full of hope and enthusiasm, especially for the Millennials. As this was about to be their year because we had ample of sporting events lined up where all were wishing to see some of the bright and new starts of Indian Sports to shine with their extraordinary talent that they were all set to showcase before the world.

The sports world was all ready to spread the wings of entertainment and fans were ready to bounce with excitement starting with ICC Women’s T20 world cup was India for the first time able to make to the finals along with one of the most challenging India tour of New Zealand where everyone was hoping some record braking smashes form Captain but alas all comes to halt.

From IPL to Olympics, ICC T20 World Cup and many under sporting events are submerged under the indefinite cloud of COVID19 pandemic.

History speaks for itself and this pandemic is creating its historic footprint hence impacting all the sporting events in the worst way possible.

But as the law of friction states, every action has equal and opposite reactions. As many scientists believe that this is the reaction of mother nature that we are facing after our century-long actions to not take into consideration the earth that indeed is the only home we have. In this time of isolation and lockdown, we as humans have realized that the most important necessity for survival is the basic necessity that we always possess just fails to give it the importance that it needed. As the world is preparing to fight this pandemic, we have to fight our own battles.

The battle where we have to take extra care of our mental and physical being. The battle where we have to support each other and abide by the rules that we have been asked to follow for the well-being of not just you and me but the society as a whole. For those who are at work so that we can stay at home.

#StaySafe and #StayHome

1. Wash your hands regularly
2. Sanitize yourself and the things that you are getting from the market
3. Wear mask is you are outside your safe zone i.e. your home
4. Be courteous towards people who are helping you out.
Things will be back to normal our favorite sporting events will be back but what matters is the health of you and your dear ones.