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LOCKDOWN 5.0 – The one with the street smartness, Rules, Regulations, and the Unlock process.

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We are aware of the last four phases of lockdown were all were stuck in our houses and waiting for the pandemic to over so that we all can have our lives back, but finding the perfect vaccine for the virus is still in progress. So far the cases has exceeded almost 170 thousand confirmed cases with almost 5 thousand deaths. We all know that until lockdown 4.0 some of the offices has opened and easy out the economy monetary flow but most of the places were locked. Now government has opened some of the places in the hope that everybody will follow the 6ft social distance and be safe during the lockdown 5.0.

For safety wearing face covers/mask and maintain social distance of at least 6ft is compulsory and penalty will be charged if it is not been taken into consideration. For personal safety it is important to wear gloves, keep sanitizer with you and try not to touch your face or anything in public places. Kids below the age of 10 and adults at the age of 50-60 are still not allowed to move in public and advice to be inside until June 30(for red and orange zone area).  

For transport, vehicles like cars and auto rickshaw are not allowed more the 2 people including the driver and for bikes and scooters only one person is allowed at a time. Big vehicles like busses will not allow crowd more than 20 people and metro will not allow more than 50 passengers in a single couch. Yes guys all other public transports like mini buses and other vehicles have the same set of rules for social distancing. Domestic flights, trains and busses for interstate travel are open as per the SOP.

P.S. – Spitting in public areas and consumption of liquor, tobacco, pan, gutka, etc. are prohibited. 

For places like general stores, corporate offices, holy places, hotels, restaurants, hospitality services and mall are open between 9 to 5 and strictly ask to follow the rules of distancing and crowd limit, for restaurants only take out is allowed. Gathering for marriages should not be exceed 50 people and for funeral and offices it is 20 people limit. Most of the offices are advice to follow work from home if possible. Provision of thermal detectors and sanitizers will be provided in the work area along with frequent sanitization of whole office for the safety the employee.  

Some of the places like schools, collages, educational center, gym, spa and saloon, cinema halls, pools, international flights, complex of any type supports small group exercises are still closed and waiting for the next phase to give the green flag. Now, these are the rules set for all the red and orange zoned areas and need to be followed up until 30 June, but there will be more updates regarding the phase two i.e. 9-15 June and three I.e. 16- 22 June of the lockdown 5.0 as the updates are meant for phase one only.

We all have our hopes up for the more good updates and with proper rules, best medical team, and our support we all can live longer and fight with covid19 pandemic.