Lockdown 2020 – The era of apes returned

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As we all know, noble coronavirus has taken lead without voting, and become the born leader that killed thousands and locked millions of peoples and pets. A revolution has been taken worldwide to open general goods and services open, but all of the luxury items like movie halls, salons, dining, malls, and all the fun places are still shut down. But how this all is making us apes?

Stone ages don’t have many amenities to enjoy, it is just basic food, clothing, shelter (and the process they increase population), everything else was just as unpredicted and new as a new life. But today life is much more than that, hectic week and me time weekends, grooming and indulge in self-care or just Netflix and chill. As we can’t enjoy all those outside or with someone else more than a mirror, we all have started self-care all by ourselves, trends like self-grooming, writing, and soul searching are on fire.

Talking about self-grooming, do you realize a male needs more grooming then female, I mean we can live with hairy upper lips and arms but men need a haircut every month! Yes, they have become like apes, big bulgy beards and long hair are back in trend. But the world has made it like a task to groom each other at home with imperfect hairstyles and shaved beards (omg it’s happening). Lots of hair cut tutorial has been searched in the last one month, and social media is full of #mynewhaircut tags. Also for females tones of homemade hair, face, and body product hacks has been exploding internet in lockdown.

When it comes to weekend fun sleep is the best activity of my life! But for most people, they want to watch a movie or hang out with friends, doing something lively or breathtaking. Since all those experiences are on hold right now, following tasks on social media on photography and creative stuff like writing and DIY stuff, redecorating our homes, or cooking something new weekend chills now. Network companies providing good deals so that everyone can entertain themselves while staying in the law and order.

In my opinion, it is important sometimes to sit back and be like apes, give us the value of what we have and let us enjoy the time we never had!