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Location Data: How is your location data worth crores-billions

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In today’s information technology era, where the mobile phone has become the need of every person. At the same time, the debate about privacy has been going on for a long time. Many people accuse companies like Facebook of getting our personal information from our phones on the pretext of its terms and conditions and sell it to other companies. But very few people know that this happens not only with personal information, but only the person’s location data is also handy for many companies, and this information of the users becomes billions of dollars.

Market of billions
Many companies are ready to pay a considerable amount to get information about location history in people’s mobile phones even after staying away from publicity. It has been revealed in the report of The Nect Web that the market for smartphone location information alone is worth billions of dollars.

A growing industry
It is a growing industry estimated to be a $12 billion market that includes aggregators, collectors marketplaces, and location intelligence companies. That is why it would not be wrong to say that wherever you are going, you are earning money, but not for yourself but for someone else.

Huge data set

The exciting thing is that all these markets and related transactions are not illegal at all. Companies are making a profit from location data entirely legally. For example, a company called Near describes itself as the company with the world’s largest database of “real-world behaviour of people.” It has data of 1.6 billion people from 44 countries of the world.

There are more such companies
Similarly, according to a report, X Mode claims that its figures account for more than a quarter of America’s adult population every month. On the other hand, Mobile Wala claims that it has data from more than 40 countries, 1.9 billion devices, 50 billion daily mobile signals, and more than 5 years.

What do companies do?
According to the report, TNW’s markup has identified companies in 47 countries that collect location data from mobile phones and sell and deal with them. This list shows how people are being monitored on a large scale globally, which consists of a group of related companies that work to code other companies to develop apps and sell user data. To retrieve information from 19.6 billion devices. This gives them access to a database of millions of people.

Data sold to different companies
This list shows that there are only six companies that hold data for more than a billion devices, and at least four other companies claim their figures are the most accurate in the industry. Experts say that people are not paying attention to what they do on the phone, which these companies work. Motherboard’s report states that the company, which collects data exclusively from the Muslim Player app, collects data through X Mode apps and sells it to its military contacts.

This is the case with many apps, including essential and even good ones. It starts with the phone user when he receives a notification asking for permission to access the location data to use the app. Many apps can’t function without this access, such as taxis, weather apps, etc. Many of these apps sell this information. At the same time, it is also possible to deny such notifications in many apps.