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‘Local For Diwali’ Promoted by PM Modi

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For any economy, being self-sufficient is very important. Manufacturing and selling the products manufactured in the country itself is a way to boost the economy. Not only this, but as much people buy and, manufacture in the country, the GDP of the country will grow. People manufacturing inside India will get motivation to produce more and more. This will be there if the people of India are buying products manufactured in India. ‘Local for Diwali’ is a new concept that is trending everywhere.

Keeping in mind the same, PM Narendra Modi promoted ‘vocal for local’ recently. This was to promote Indian products. And now he is saying to promote ‘vocal for local’ in this Diwali. He said that people must go local. And they must go to buy products that people are making in India only. After the pandemic, the economy of India needs a boost. And if people buy local products, then it will act as a boost to the Indian economy.

Official Statement for ‘Local for Diwali’ by PM

While extending festival greetings to people, Modi said, “You are seeing today that along with vocal for local, the mantra of local for Diwali is resonating everywhere.” “I would like to say to the people of Varanasi and all countrymen that promote ‘local for Diwali’ big time,” he said while inaugurating projects for Varanasi via video conferencing.

India is highly dependent on other countries for various products. And the festival season helps these nations to earn more and more. But as a nation must be self-reliant, people must buy local products. If they do so, then by word-of-mouth, products of India will get a promotion. And local products of India needs people to buy.

“Not only local identity will be strengthened, the people who make these local products, their Diwali will also brighten up more,” he said.

“Going for local doesn’t mean only purchasing ‘diya’ but everything you use in Diwali. It will encourage those making them,” the PM added.