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Like the Sri Lankan port, will China take possession of the Pakistan port?


Earlier this month, Sri Lanka handed over the strategically important Hambantota port to China on 99-year lease.

Sri Lanka had failed to pay a loan to China, so he had to hand over Hambantota. After this happens with Sri Lanka, questions are being raised on the Gwadar Port that China is working on in Pakistan.

Many people say that Gwadar Port is also growing on this path. China is spending $ 55 billion in different projects in Pakistan.

About Pakistan, it is being said that despite the pressure, the contracts of this project have not been made public. Analysts believe that a large part of this money is as debt.

Something similar happened with Sri Lanka. There is also a fear in Pakistan that even if it does not have to handover the ownership of other properties including Gwadar to China.

These fears have their base. Savita Pandey, professor of South Asia Studies at JNU, says, “China’s interests have been linked to Pakistan, but it is giving China a higher exemption in view of India. China also invests in Pakistan, then India remains in its eyes. ”

Pandey says, “Gwadar is different from Hambantota, but the scope of debt is not less than that. China will not compromise with its economic interests. “There was also talk of this from the seventh meeting of the joint committee of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

According to the Pakistani media, Pakistan had refused to take a $ 14 billion fund from China for Damer-Basa Dam. Pakistan has also withdrawn the request to build a dam in the Economic Corridor.

Pakistan did this because China had strict conditions in front of him. According to media reports, China was seeking ownership over them.

Simultaneously, China was demanding to use Chinese currency in Gwadar City. These two demands have been dismissed by the Pakistan. Baloch is also opposing this project within Pakistan.

According to a report from the South China Morning Post, Gwadar and China’s agreement in Pakistan are being said to be that China’s economic colony is becoming China.

According to the SCMP report, Pakistan dismissed these demands, then China showed its stand. If the joint committee of the Economic Corridor was held in November, China stopped the funding of three major highways.

These highways were to be built in northern and western Pakistan. According to this report, so far, the talk about these three highways has not been made. It is being said that these incidents are seen as a strategy to take advantage of China.

There is a 40 year agreement for sharing and investing money in Gwadar. China will have 91 percent of its revenues and Gwadar Authority port will get only 9 percent.

Indeed, Pakistan will not have any control over Gwadar for 40 years, indirectly.

Experts believe that even if Pakistan has the courage to dismiss China’s demand, everything will not be so easy in the coming days.

Those who understand international politics believe that in the coming days, the scope of Chinese debt will be increased further. If this happens then there will not be much space for Pakistan to not listen to it.

According to a report, Pakistan’s total debt is $ 82 billion and in this way more pressure will be imposed by Chinese debt. In such a situation, there is a possibility that Pakistan has no option left on Gwadar Port and it has to be handed over to China.

Former Indian diplomat Rakesh Sood says, “There is no transparency in the agreement between China and Pakistan in Gwadar Port. There is nothing clear in it yet. Pakistan is a very small country in front of China. A blueprint is prepared with whatever investment it is, where the amount is to be spent and how much profit will it be. ”

With this, the interest of the local people is also taken care of. If the burden of debt increases on Pakistan, then it will have to pay Gwadar lease and China will use it according to its own accord. The military can also use the port used to be commercial. “