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Lifestyle Tips: Avoid these mistakes while washing woollen clothes, it can spoil the clothes

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Lifestyle Tips: Along with styling woollen clothes properly, washing them is very important. If woollen garments are not cleaned gently, then they get spoiled. Many precautions have to be taken while washing them in such a situation. If they are not washed properly, they change their shape. Sometimes they look very rough after wearing them. Sometimes expensive sweaters get damaged due to their grip, and their softness and lustre disappear. Often this happens when they are not appropriately cleaned while washing. In such a situation, know the mistakes due to which woollen clothes get spoiled. Keep in mind these lifestyle tips to avoid such mistakes.

1) Overfilling the machine

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Although woollen clothes can be easily washed by hand and machine, while washing woollen clothes in the machine, you have to ensure that you do not overload the machine. Do not do this if you are trying to wash all the clothes at once. By doing this, the clothes will not only be adequately cleaned, but they will also get spoiled.

2) Washing too much
Many people have a habit that they wash clothes once worn. However, this habit proves to be very good in summer. But if you overwash woollen clothes in winter, they can get spoiled. Instead, expose yourself to sunlight after wearing woollen clothes, and you could end up with a gap in wearing them again.

3) Washing in hot water
If you think hot water is a good option for cleaning woollen clothes, let us tell you that washing clothes in very hot water can reduce their shelf life. For this, you use only normal water.